Wreath Giveaway!

It's about time O + P had a giveaway.  So I'm going to give away one of my Winter Yarn Wrapped Wreathes away (a $30 value).  This one, with the little bottle brush trees, is one of my faves.  I am so thankful for all my faithful readers.  I'm not bragging, just excited about I few milestones my little blog has made recently.  And it's all thanks to you guys, the ones who visit regularly, leave comments for me, and pin and share my ideas.  I'm really grateful.

Not that anyone really cares except me, but here's O + P's latest accomplishments:
1000+ pinterest followers
300+ facebook likes
79,000 visits to the blog last month

Here's how to enter, you have the opportunity to enter multiple times:

1. LIKE Oleander and Palm on Facebook
2. Follow Oleander and Palm on Pinterest
3. Follow Oleander and Palm on Twitter
4. Follow me on Instagram (@jeranmcconnel)

or if you have already done those things, here's some other options for an entry

5. Share this giveaway on your Facebook page
6. Tweet this giveaway
7. Pin something from O + P to pinterest.

Leave a comment for each entry you make.  A winner will be chosen randomly on Sunday December 16th, so that I can mail this wreath in time for Christmas.

*I am shipping only to the US and Canada.  I am sorry I can't include all my other overseas readers in this giveaway.

Thanks again for reading.  I have some fun Christmas DIY's, crafts and ideas coming up this week.  So be sure to come back.


  1. I'm following your Pinterest boards. :)

  2. Oh and btw....I love your wreaths. I think they're beautiful. I follow you on Instagram, as well.

  3. I did everything possible to enter, and let me just say, gratitude is the way to go! Love how grateful you are to do what you do we should all feel this way :) thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  4. I pinned something from O&P to pinterest.

  5. 1. LIKE Oleander and Palm on Facebook -- DONE!!

  6. 3. Follow Oleander and Palm on Twitter -- DONE!!

  7. 5. Share this giveaway on your Facebook page -- DONE!!

  8. 6. Tweet this giveaway -- DONE!!

  9. P.S. Just wanted to say thanks for including Canada in your giveaway - I love your wreaths, and if I win, it would make a GREAT gift for my mom! Thanks Jer!!

    (Oops... accidently posted that last one anonymously - fingers going faster than my brain!)


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