Vintage Sign Letters Garland

So, this weekend I lucked out and got to go to the Pasadena Flea Market.  Late Saturday afternoon, my friend and I made plans for an early rise the next morning.  We had an awesome day.  No kids, no husbands, no real agenda, just a fun day of wondering around.  But, it was one of those Flea Market days where I just couldn't catch a break.  Everything I wanted was already sold or being purchased at the very moment I happened upon it.  But, they are just things and I did come away with a fixer-upper metal filing cabinet (that I'll share soon) and these fun vintage metal sign letters.

I bought JOY hoping to display them in some way for Christmas.  I decided to use this festive silver tinsel to hang it on.  The letters already are conveniently bent on the back for hanging on their signs.  So, I just bent them a little further and then just simply hung them on the tinsel.  It's the easiest garland I've ever made.  I love the black and white with the sparkle, it's graphic and glitzy all at the same time.  

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