Make your own ceramic beakers

A couple weeks ago I shared on Thrifting Thursday these cute white pitchers.  I wanted to mark them with graduated measurement lines.  Well, I finally finished their little mini makeover.  I made my own ceramic beakers!  Once I found the right supplies, it was totally easy, and a lot of fun to do.  These are going to make charming vases or pencil holders or who knows what - but they are cute!

I attempted painting the lines and numbers with Martha Stewart's glass paint - no go, couldn't get it to look nice.  Then I decided to try this Sharpie Oil-based Paint pen.  It worked like a charm.  I'm not sure if it's dishwasher safe, but it's definitely on their permanently.  I'll probably just hand wash them to make sure.

Here's how I did it:

1. Tape off the area that you will be painting in.  This gives you some guides to work with.  On one side of the blue tape, mark off in pencil the line and numbers where you want them.  Then mark the longest lines first.

2. Now mark off the medium length lines (that fall in between the long lines), then mark the tiny lines in between those lines.  

3.  Remove the piece of tape on the right.

4.  Write the numbers.

Let the paint dry for at least 24 hrs.

Ah the possibilities are endless.  Now to find more things to paint on with sharpie paint pens.  Do you have any creative ideas using paint pens and ceramic dishes?  

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Check out the Give Thanks plate I made using this same technique.  


  1. awesome!! Do you know if this would work on glass as well?

  2. I'm pretty sure if you bake them in the oven the paint should be fast. You can do mugs with sharpies this way. Great idea! ~ Bec

  3. Love these! Linda M

  4. @Ashley Why not? I think they work on most any surface, because they are oil-based.


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