The Scooter Party - The details

Yesterday I shared some pictures from Olivia's party.  Here's a few more pictures of the details from the party.  On the dessert bar I served Pink Oreo Truffles, Sugar Cookies decorated with number 1's, and Lime Marshmallows (recipe to come soon).  I also love to have candy jars and little paper bags so that the kids can fill their own bags.  Kids absolutely love this.  To go with the colors of the party I had mint green rock candy, Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms, old fashioned butter mint in pretty pastels, and Strawberry Malt Balls.

For drinks I served pink lemonade in milk bottles decorated with my scooter decals and I kept a punch bowl full of, the ever popular, Lime Sherbet Punch.  

I know this is a lot of pictures, but I just had so much fun with this party I have to share.  I still want to share the lunch menu with you.  I had a clever idea for the lunch and I think it went over really well with a crowed house of guests.  So, I'll be back tomorrow with more scooter party fun. 


  1. ADORABLE! have I mentioned can't wait to see you all! GMA M

  2. Where did you find the mint colored rock candy?! I've been looking everywhere! :)

    1. Just at Party City! Hope you can find some.


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