Happy Halloween Party

I love a good excuse for a party.  Halloween parties are so much fun.  What's better then costumes and candy?  Last year I managed to throw my kids a Halloween party with a one month old.  Not sure how I made that happen.  I've shared before that I'm not much for the scary side of Halloween.  So, here's a few fun Halloween treats that have caught my eye this year.

I'm going to try to put together a party this year as well.  I figure you spend so much time and money on costumes, kids should get to wear them more then once.  So, sometime in the week before Halloween, we'll have a little get together with treats and decorations.  Maybe a pumpkin carving party. 

Dylan and Denali are getting so big.  I hate to think that someday they aren't going to want to dress up for Halloween in cute costumes.  I have got to maximize on the time I have with them now.  And I better start sewing their costumes soon.  I have Harry Potter cloaks to make this year.  

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  1. great finds! i really love the wooden cutlery. my kiddos are 4.5 and 3 and we always throw little holiday parties, just the four of us. such precious memories. i know one day they will tell me it's lame ;)


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