Southwest Road Trip: Petrified Forest National Park

I'm not sure if normal people visit the Petrified Forest National Park, but we did, and I'm really glad we did actually.  Lon's dad, our rock hound, needed to see this place in person.  Visiting the Petrified Forest is like, well in his own words "a taste of heaven".  I'm not sure Lon's mom agrees with this or is hoping for the same heaven.  Hers is more of a tropical Maui type heaven.  All joking aside, it really was an amazing place to visit.  The colors of these, once living trees, rocks are spectacular.  The actual trunks of these trees are almost unreal in size.

Above left: petrified wood Above right: the painted dessert
Below: Olivia on a piece of petrified wood


  1. I'd visited the petrified forest on a school trip over 10 years ago but it's not somewhere I've ever heard mentioned before or after! P.S I'm from England ,so we came along way to visit :)

  2. @Helen, coming from England is a journey. Wow, and you hit the Petrified Forest. That is impressive. My father in law is a rock hound and my husband is a biology nerd, so this is what we do for fun :)


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