Home Tour: Master Bedroom

I think I say this about every room in my house, but the master bedroom might be my favorite room in the house.  Yes, I am one of those people that makes my bed everyday.  It just makes me happy to have that tiny bit of order in my life.  Plus, as soon as you make a bed, the whole room looks clean.  

This room is an addition to our original house.  We made the original master bedroom into the master bath and then added on this room to the back of our house.  It is the same size and layout of the original room.  We did this the same time we renovated our kitchen.

We made one corner of the room our little library and it also serves as my little office (my laptop and printer are on the smaller of the two bookcases).  The bookcases house mostly my husband's travel and nature books, a few special artifacts from our travels, and also some of husband's vintage globe collection.   And my little green leather chair is a perfect spot to feed a baby or read a book.  Right now I'm blogging from the green chair.

We have nice big windows that look onto our tiny, but green backyard.  At the end of the bed is a black bench that I refinished years ago.  It's a great place to sit extra pillows on.

This room has definitely been collected over the years and most things were bought on a budget, made myself, or fixed up in some way.  It's not a finished work.  I still have lots of ideas for the space, I just need a little time and money.  For example, I am always looking for night stands when I thrift or garage sale.  I want something I can fix up and give a custom look to.  I tried to go through the room and figure out the sources for the pieces. 

Paint - Benjamin Moore (Nightingale AF-670)
Green Leather Chair - Cost Plus World Market (no longer available)
Metal Bed Frame - IKEA (no longer available)
Orange Moroccan Tile Duvet - Pottery Barn (3 yrs ago on sale for $18)
Stack of 3 baskets - bought in the Old City in Sanaa, Yemen (where I lived for 2 years)
Owls - Some of my collection.  Mercury glass owl (Homegoods), Small brass owl (gift from India from my brother)
White Lacquer Lamps - Urban Outfitters
Grey Polka Dot Wool Throw - Souvenir from my trip to Ireland
Bookshelves - Target.com
Love Scripture Print - I made it! - smaller versions available on my etsy shop.
Framed Map of Papua New Guinea over bed - bought in Maui at the Whaler's Village Mall.
Small black antique dresser with mirror - from Lon's Grandparent's farm, I refinished it.  It is currently our change table.
Globes - bought at thrift stores, antique malls, garage sales, and flea markets over the years.
Framed Antique Silver - gift from good friend in Yemen, I framed it.

If you have more questions about this room or just like what you see, please leave me a comment. You can see more of our home here.


  1. Love your room Jeran! Makes me want to make my bed everyday....however, that will probably not happen.

  2. Love the room! I'm super into orange these days (at least in my clothing!). And I probably wouldn't have put the green chair there, but it totally goes!

  3. I had to put a little green in the room. It's my fave. I knew I might get sick of the orange someday, but I'd never get tired of a green leather chair.

  4. Your bedroom is simple but beautiful. I think window is adding more beaut in your bedroom. Nice bedroom!


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