Got Terrarium?

If you don't, then I need to inform you that you are so NOT hip.  I recently joined all the fashionable home decorators and added a small terrarium to my interior.  I love succulents and I've been sporting them on my front porch, but this mini nature world needed to come inside.

This weekend Lon's family was in town from Idaho.  We met up in LA and I had a fun day together.  We started the day with a quick stop at H.D. Buttercup.  I've been watching Design Star on HGTV and every episode they are shopping at this great furniture store.  So, I thought I needed to check it out in person - fantastic!  Home interiors heaven!  I couldn't afford anything, but was happy to wonder around and just soak up all the inspiration.  Then for lunch we hit Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles - super yum.  Then the guys headed over to the Natural History Museum and Science Center, while the girls went straight to The Grove.  

I found my little glass bubble terrarium at a flower seller that has a booth right outside Zara (down by the Farmer's Market).  My mother in law, sister in law and I all got one.  He had a lot of great sizes and some that were even tear drop shaped.  I opted for the round one because it has a flat bottom, so I could either hang it or sit it on a flat surface.  Mine was $17, but he had others that started at $12 and went up to $20.  I thought these were really reasonable.   Just a note, he mentioned that in October he would be moving into a permanent space in the Farmer's Market.  Currently, he is outside Zara Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.

Mine is sitting in my bathroom window.  I wanted to be able to enjoy it in the morning when I'm doing my hair and makeup.

So, are you current?  Do you have your own terrarium already?  Or would you like to join the popular kids, and make or buy a terrarium with cute itty bitty succulents?


  1. Great idea. I don't have a green thumb so would probably kill it but it looks nice. Emma

  2. They only have to be misted with water once a week.

  3. Really! I can do that. Maybe you could organize another craft night and we can put them together, how fun would that be. Just a thought. Emma.

  4. Terrarium night sounds fun :) Great idea!

  5. I agree with Emma! I also am lacking in the green thumb but this looks doable! Julia

  6. Really enjoying mine! Great pics Linda M


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