Thrifting Thursday: Vintage Calendar Tea Towel

This is one of those posts that I hope not too many people read.  I hope readers just look at the pictures, Because this post will reveal my age.  Argh!

I recently picked up this vintage calendar tea towel at an antique mall.  I bought it because it is a calendar from the year both Lonnie and I were born in.  I'll go ahead and let you do the math on that one.  Let's just say I'm not pleased that I am this close to being 40.

I also really loved the bird and flower images and the color combination on the towel.  My plan is to make it into a little curtain for Riley, my vintage trailer.  The door has a small window, and I thought that this would be the perfect size.

I got this towel for $4.00.  I have a little tip for you.  It was priced at $5.00 (which isn't bad at all), but most antique stores and malls will move a little on their prices.  I figure it doesn't hurt to ask if the seller will come down.  I asked, and they said she would give a 20% discount.  Hey, a dollar's a dollar.

How do you feel about asking for discounts?  Are you like me and figure it can't hurt to try, or would you rather save yourself the embarrassment and just pay full price?


  1. The towel looks so beautiful! Vintage pictures are the most beautiful, for sure. Ah, these cute romantic birds and pretty flowers. :)

  2. the colours are so lovely! i always look for vintage tea towels when thrifting but i haven't scored any yet... i know the moment i stop looking the thrifting gods will overwhelm me with beautiful ones like yours! =)


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