DIY Sophie Leash

We LOVE Sophie!  When I was preggo, I laughed at the thought of owning a $25 squeaky toy.  But my sister-in-law bought Sophie for Olivia.  Now I've decided that the French knew what they were doing when they made this toy, because Sophie is our favorite toy.  She goes everywhere with us!  Just this week we were in Target (our favorite shop), and Sophie went missing.  There was a 5 minute panic while we retraced our steps.  But luckily for us she was waiting on the floor, right where we had dropped her.  No more taking chances -- Sophie's got a leash now!  She'll be safe from being dropped or worse, lost.

I really did make this leash in 5 minutes or less.  It could be used on any special toy that you don't want to lose.  Here's what you'll need:
- about 2 feet of ribbon (1 inch wide grograin)
- 2 snap sets (I used dritz 5/8" snaps and it comes with the tool - I bought mine at Joann's Fabrics)
- a hammer

To start, you are going to fold the end of the ribbon over an inch, and then an inch again (this will encase the end of the ribbon).  Then you will attach the first snap (the male end) using the tool provided in the package and your hammer.

Next, measure Sophie's or any other toy's neck.  Mark where the other side (the female end) of the snap will go, and then attach it using the tool and hammer again.

Now you simply attach another set of snaps on the other end.  I made this loop a little larger so that I could attach it to the the side of the stroller, the car seat handle, or even the shopping cart.  You can make the leash as long or as short as you want.  Mine is about 18 inches long -- just long enough to hold and play with, but not long enough to touch the ground when dropped.

Do you own a Sophie?  Have you lost a special toy?

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  1. Definitely going to make one of these for Carolina's Sophie! thanks for the great idea! Donita

  2. I love this idea - but anything very long could be a strangulation hazard. I made this with snaps on one end and sewed the other side into a loop with only 5 or so inches in between. Now I can use the strap with our toy links (you can get these at toys r us or probably any toy store) and connect it to the stroller, wagon, car seat, etc with no chance of her getting tangled up while I have my head turned. I made one for our Sophie and for our sippie cups. Thanks for the idea.

  3. i clicked on this for two reasons. 1 it's a cool idea, and 2 my cousin has that same giraffe named Sophie, mother is an elementary teacher, lives in california, and life is more or less how you described. how i figured out i'm not related to you. my cousin is an only child. :D


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