Monthly Memory Verse - April

Better late then never, right?  Sorry friends.  I had big plans of having this month's verse ready before my trip to Ireland.  And, well, that didn't happen.  And now April is almost over, and I just finished this free downloadable PDF tonight.  

I wanted an Easter themed verse, so I went with Jesus' words for the great commission.  What could possibly be more comforting then these words.  I need this reminder.  Sometimes it's easy to feel alone and lost, but he is with us, ALWAYS.  I hope this is encouraging and brings you hope today.

It's free for you to download here.  If you want to know more about my Monthly Memory Verse, read here.

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This is intended for personal use only.  
(Note: The text at the bottom of the image may print, but it is not within the 8 X10 measurement.  When you print, do not scale the image)


  1. is it mathew or matthew??? maybe it is different in the bible and i just never noticed. i always notice things like that, i don't know why!

  2. Kristin - you are so right. I looked at that word at least 15 times and thought "something is wrong with this." But, I just thought it was because I had looked at it for so long and so many times. I will fix it tonight. Thanks for the heads up. Duh.... I'm stupid sometimes.


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