Chevron Baby Quilt

Well, I finished it this week.  I shared my pattern for this quilt a while back.  But when
I found out my brother and sister in law's baby shower was this weekend, I had to put my rear in gear and sew like there was no tomorrow.  And that's what I did for 3 days straight (hence the lack of posts this last week).

I am so excited about how this quilt turned out.  I want one now too.

I had fun with the back of this quilt too, and decided to add a little pattern.

For this quilt I cut 5" squares and then cut them in half to make triangles.  Each row is 12 triangles across and I made the quilt 10 rows in length.  Then I added a 2" white border and a 4" teal border.  I made my own binding and used this fantastic tutorial from See Kate Sew.


  1. SO DANG CUTE!!!! Linda M

  2. How creative to make a chevron pattern!!! It turned out just beautiful!!!

  3. Awww I know Lidy LOVED it!! You're so talented. It's darling. My mom is a natural at sewing, but I have yet to learn. Top notch ;)

    Nook & Sea

  4. It's beautiful! I want one too!


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