Riley, my vintage trailer

Last weekend we took Riley out to Red Rock Canyon.  It's just over a hour from our front door.  It's our new favorite spot for Spring and Fall camping (it would be 110+ F in the Summer).  Why didn't we try out this spot earlier.  We love to hit the beach, LA and the Sequoias because they are only 2 hours away, but now we've got desert camping just on hour away too.  We do really live in a great spot.  We are close to everything.

We took the awning this time, which was a smart move with the sun.  The awning is not original to the trailer, but the former owner had it made with materials that would have been used in 1948 (the year Riley was made).  The polls are wooden and the rope is hemp.  

The kids had a blast climbing all over the bluffs right behind our camping spot.  (Actually I did too).  I love desert camping, you just dust off the dirt and you're good to go without a shower for quite a few days.

I wanted to give you a peek into the inside of Riley.  He's quite charming and cozy.  We really haven't done much to the interior yet.  Don't worry, I have lots of ideas and plans for him though.  I did make new curtains for him last Summer.  They are just white canvas with black out material on the back to help with insulation. The curtains that came with Riley were forest green, ruffly, faded, and very dusty.  I really wanted to brighten up the space and just give it a clean look with these simple curtains.

The upholstery is only about 10 years old and actually it is in very good condition.  It looks brand new.  It isn't what I would choose but, I'm trying to figure out how to work with it.  The Kit Companion (that's what Riley is) was made as a hunter's travel trailer.  So, it features wood work with flying geese or I like to call them loons (for the Canadian in me).  So, really the upholstery goes well with this then.  Not that we are hunters, quite the opposite, remember the geek I'm married to is a biology teacher.

Olivia loved camping in Riley.  I recently added a sisal area rug, and she loved playing on it (no that is not a real rattle snake she is holding).  

Besides the seat cushions, everything else is original.  I love that all the windows still work well, and the hardware for the turn signals and lights still function.  

For Christmas, Lonnie put these two prints in my stocking.  I finally hung them in Riley.  Both prints have retro trailers in them and the Sequoias and General Grants Grove are special spots for us.  We also picked up a couple old copies of Sunset Magazine.  They issues from 1967 and 1968, we enjoy flipping through them in the trailer and imagining who was camping in Riley during that era.  

Riley has a stove, oven, sink, and ice box.  I love using this simple, little kitchen.  I feel like a kid and I'm playing house.   And don't you love the black and white checkered floor?

I hope you enjoy seeing a little more of Riley.  I have a really fun Pinterest Board with all Vintage Trailers, be sure to check it out.  I have a look in my mind of how I want Riley to look once he's styled and decorated.  It's not the floral, feminine, retro look that a lot of the trailers are done in.  I love this look, but it's not me, and definitely not my husbands.  So, when I can explain my style for Riley a bit better, I will share it with you.


  1. So cute and looks like fun too! Linda M.

  2. Awesome!! I'll always remember our camping trips that we took to Big Sur, El Capitan, Monterey, Doheny... I feel bad because my dad sold our trailer to pay for my college tuition. What a sacrifice, huh?

    Nook & Sea

  3. @KristinaGulino that's a good dad.

  4. Now THAT'S a trailer!!! ;-)

  5. Ohhh I am loving these pics!! So beautiful! I have been dreaming of owning my own vintage camper since high school... Hoping to find the perfect one soon! I adore living on the east coast..but I suuure wouldn't mind a spring or two on the West! :)

    Thanks for sharing! I'm happy to have found your blog. :)
    xo Jenny Holiday

  6. Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so jealous! This is amazing.


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