Hello Kitty Birthday Party: Craft and Candy

I love throwing kids parties.  There are two things that are always a hit at parties: kids love a craft and they love candy.  

Hello Kitty Hair Clips 

For the craft, the girls each made a Hello Kitty Hair Clip.  I pre-cut the felt in a kitty shape.  I cut the bottom piece with pinking shears, some where red and some pink.  The girls used fabric paint to paint on the eyes, nose and whiskers.  The bow was just two glittered heart stickers glued on with hot glue.    The felt was glued together with hot glue as well and the clip was attached the same way.  Because most of the girls at the party were 10 years old, I trusted them with the glue gun. (Regular craft glue would work as well, but it would just take longer to dry.)

I love having a candy bar at parties as well.  Kids love scooping their own candy and the candy provides great decoration for the table.

The Candy Bar

I provided the girls with cute red paper bags that I added a Hello Kitty sticker to it.  The stickers are something I made and printed myself.  I will share more about that in tomorrow's post.

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