Christmas Aprons

Growing up we all had Christmas aprons.  A good friend of my mom's made them for all of us.  I remember unpacking them every Christmas.  They were so much fun to wear.  I'm a sucker for Christmas traditions, so this year I thought I needed to make my kids some aprons.  Denali and Dylan both love helping in the kitchen, and I'm sure Olivia will love it very soon as well.  So, yesterday in the middle of all my craziness I made 6 children's aprons (3 for my sweet friend Heidi's creative kids, 1 each for Denali and Dylan, and one for my very cute nephew Liam).  I probably should have done these months ago, but I work best under pressure.

Liam's Russian Nativity Dolls apron has a green polka dot pocket.
I added D rings to the neck straps to adjust the length.
Dylan's woodland animals apron has wide red ric rac along the bottom.
Denali's Retro Santa Scooter fabric has a large, 2 compartment pocket.
 I bought these fabrics with no project in mind.  I just thought they were too cute to pass up.  But later, Aprons seemed to be the perfect use for them.  Do you ever do that?  Find cute fabric and buy it not knowing what you will do with it.  It's kind of a problem.

I will include a pattern on my blog in the new year (I just have too many things to do in the next 2 days).  But, these would make great gifts anytime of the year.


  1. rather than, "include a pattern," how bout' a link to, "where you can purchase...?" ha! When friends/family tell me, "it's so easy, I will show you!" I tell them I would rather them do it and I will pay for it! ;) Just a thought- you need a little custom shop to go along with your ideas!

  2. The hope is to open an etsy shop SOMEDAY! I'll let you know when I do.

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  4. I love all the fabrics, but I LOVE the matryoshka one! That's what I would've picked out for myself - Strawberry Patches, I'm guessing? Liam enjoys wearing an apron!

  5. Actually Joanne's. I didn't dare go to Strawberry Patches and look at Christmas fabric - that would be way too dangerous.


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