Thanksgiving Table Setting: Antique Keys

For the next couple of days I will be sharing a few table setting ideas to make your Thanksgiving table festive and unique.  The first setting is rustic and neutral.  I used simple twine to attach antique keys and and name tags to natural cotton napkin.  The keys are ones that I collected from the souq in Sanaa, Yemen when I lived there.  But, you can find old keys at Flea Markets and antique stores.  The color palette is really the lack of color.  I find this relaxed and unfussy.

Dinner Plate: Homegoods
Salad Plate: Bought in a tiny shop in Japan 10 years ago
Table Cloth: Natural Burlap (Joannes)
Coaster: Southern Highlands basket from Papua New Guinea
Keys: Bought in the old city in Sanaa
Stem Ware: Toasting glasses from my wedding
Napkin: 100% unbleached cotton (have had them forever)

How are you planning to decorate your table?


  1. Must admit that you do inspire me to "decorate" our house more. Thanks! Maybe the boys will notice the "pretty" and not mess it up! Janice

  2. Love your ideas...they are very inspiring!

  3. ... thought I recognized those keys! Good memories of shopping together in the Old City! I made wind chimes of mine and hung them in the garden. I think the fellow in the market was looking at me funny because I was knocking the keys together trying to find the ones with the best sound!

  4. Great ideas, love it....don't know if I'd seen the salad plates before. Linda M.


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