Paper Feathers

Have you noticed all the feathers in design, decor, and even accessories?  I came across some cute paper feathers on this blog.  I love making things pages of old books.  Last year I made vintage paper covered birds and flowers.

I decided I needed to make some of these.  Feathers are beautiful, but to be honest they kind of creep me out.  They do come from birds, and birds con be germy and dirty.  When my two older kids were little, they were always finding nasty feathers at the park, it made me cringe.  So, these feathers come from the pages of a very old copy of Romeo and Juliet (possibly just as germy).  I'm working on a post for Thanksgiving place settings. I'm going to share a few ideas for setting a festively fall table.  I thought these feathers would be really cute on my table.

Oh, and if you are huge pintrest fan like I am, feel free to pin anything on Oleander and Palm that you think is "pinable".  I would love the exposure.  Thanks friends.


  1. I love feather decor! I was actually going to do a post soon on some feathers I made out of fabric! Nice choice :) Love the paper idea, they turned out great!

  2. cute, fabric ones sound fun too

  3. Yes, feathers creep me out too,
    for I think they live according to you,
    not me,
    for they are dead
    but picked alive,
    so that people can get them
    to be beautiful according to them,
    not me,
    for I think animals may live,
    not die for people want their feathers!


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