Freezer Paper Stencils on Vintage Fabric

When I first started blogging, I shared pictures of a quilt that I made for my youngest brother.  He had found some great vintage fabric for the back of the quilt.

I finally made a throw pillow with some of the left over fabric.  Oh, this is for my bro too, he needs a pillow to go with the quilt, right?

Using my cricut, I cut out a stencil on freezer paper.  This is the first time I've worked with freezer paper, and it's fantastic!  Then I ironed the stencil onto the fabric (plastic side down).  I used Martha Stewarts new paints and fabric medium.  I ended up applying one coat of paint, letting it dry and then applying a second.  Then, I just peeled off the stencil.  To set the paint, I ironed it once it was completely dry.

The Supplies
 I think it turned out pretty fun.  I've got lots of ideas for cute stenciling projects in my head now.  I love learning and trying something new.  Anyone else out there ever tried freezer paper stencils on fabric?

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  1. I have used freezer paper to stencil initials on tote bags to help personalize them... and a doilie as a stencil for a cute design as well (use spray glue to make it stick).

    Never tried using the freezer paper with the cricut though... you just opened a whole world of possibilities to me!

  2. I love your DIYs but I wish you had step by step on how you did it with photos for each step. It would help the creatively challenged such as myself. Thanks for the awesome post!



  3. I used my cricut to make freezer paper stencils for my sister's baby shower. I ironed the stencils onto a number of coordinating fabric squares. At the baby shower, guests painted the stencils. Then I turned the squares into a baby quilt.

    1. What a great idea! I love it, such a special gift for your sister.


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