Nursery Typography

I took one of my favorite childhood Sunday School songs and made it into a little baby nursery art.

I made this one in a pale teal for my niece's nursery (she is due to arrive just 2 days after our baby).  We are calling them the twins.  Her room is going to be super cute.  My sister in law found these great fabrics in Teal and Persimmon at Strawberry Patches.  She also ordered a fun print from Disneyland of "It's a Small World".  I thought "Jesus Loves the Little Children" would go well with that theme.

And just for fun, I made one in gray for our baby's room (we are going for pink and gray).

My hope is to get these prints, my Love print and others up on Etsy very soon.  Is there anyone out there that would be interested to buying these?  I need some input friends.


  1. I think you should do it - typography is hot, and I would buy them if I didn't get the family discount :)

  2. yes- my daughter Natalie Pidik told me to check out your blog....it is adorable! i love typography :)


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