It's a Girl!

We've known for a couple weeks, but it's been kind of crazy lately.  We are very excited.  Little girls are so sweet.  We are so blessed with such fantastic kids already, we feel so lucky to be able to have another child. Our kids bring us so much joy.

Denali is over the moon to have a little sister, she will be a fantastic help and example.  Dylan was happy either way, he just wanted to be a big brother.  And little girls need big brothers to look after them.

Well, looks like the nursery will be pink and grey.  Denali is getting a room mate!  I've already starting trying to figure out how I can fit both the girls and their stuff in Denali's little room.  Denali has an full-size antique metal bed (from Lon's grandparents house).  Her room is the guest room when we have company, so I really would like to keep her big bed in there.  Fitting a full-size bed, a crib, dressers and Denali's desk will take some planning.  Denali's walls are a cute pink already and her bedding is pink with a little brown, so the babies bedding should go well in their.  If I had a lot of money, I would probably order this Zinnia Rose bedding from Dwell Studio in no time.  It's perfectly grey and pink (I can't find anything else that is in those two colors) and the medallion motif compliments what's on Denali's bed.  But, that would be boring.  Instead I will hunt out the perfect grey and pink fabrics to try to re-create my own unique version.  (Well, with Grandma Linda's help - she's making the quilt.)

I will share the plans and progress on fitting a new born and a 10 year old in the same room.  I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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  1. I missed this blog! It's a girl! Yeah! I know it wouldn't matter to you either way, but fun to know. Glad Nal is happy!


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