Making Room for Baby

I am now 30 weeks pregnant, but as of my last visit to the doctor this week, I am actually measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  I'm not to sad about that.  My due date is Oct. 1st, but I had hoped I would have this baby sometime in September.  Denali and Dylan were both 9lb babies and Dylan was even 10 days early.  So, I am kind of counting on a big baby again.  With that in mind, my nesting is kind of in "full-speed-ahead" mode.  In no time at all our sweet baby girl will be here.

Our little 1920 Arts and Crafts Bungalow has only 3 bedrooms.  We knew the baby would be either sharing a room with Dylan if it was a boy or Denali if it was a girl.  Ideally, Dylan recently got bunk beds, but then of course she is a girl.  And we are thrilled to be having another girl!  So, Denali's room needed some rearranging and shifting to make room for the crib.

Denali has a beautiful antique full sized metal bed from Lonnie's grandparent's farm.  Lonnie's parents had it refinished for us we she was baby.  Besides being Denali's big beautiful girly bed, it has served as our guest bed all these years.  I wasn't sure I was ready to move it out, so I am attempting to fit the bed, the crib, Denali's desk and dresser, a night stand, and a new dresser for the baby all in the same small bedroom.

I measured and drew up a few plans, and in all of the scenarios, I needed to find a narrow (24 inch wide dresser/chest) for the baby.  There was really only one wall/corner that it could be placed.  The room has 3 really large windows, which are great for natural light, but hard for furniture placement.  I had hopes of finding a used, old, or antique dresser that I cold refinish.  But, no such luck.  Then I found this dresser at for a great price and free shipping, I went for it.  It looks great in it's little corner and we have already filled it with adorable baby clothes.

As you can see, Denali has plenty of pink in her room.  That is why I went with the Pink and Grey for the nursery colors.  The brown rug is making it's way out of the room and I will probably be changing at least the bed skirt on Denali's bed as well.  Her PBteen bedding is still really cute and is mostly pink with just the tiniest amount of brown, so I can't justify buying new bedding (even though I am IN LOVE with this bedding in the gray dottie).

The crib is in the process of being refinished.  As soon as it's done, I will share pictures of it and the rooms new arrangement.

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