Entryway Update

I have been wanting to make a change to my entryway for a long while.  I came up with these plans back in January, but haven't followed through yet.  Well, in February I found a table for my entryway at Cost Plus World Market.  It was of course on back order and is still unavailable.  So, I gave up waiting for the table and decided I needed to hang my family silhouette at least, before our family changed.  And I enjoy looking at it, because I actually have a waist in the picture unlike my very round figure now.  It's just a start, but I think this is looking a lot more updated.  I was really over the iron piece many years ago, but I didn't want to take it down until I had something to replace it with.  I'm pretty happy with the change.  I'm a slow decorator, having a limited budget and being picky make for combination that can take a while to achieve.  But, sometimes that wait is worth it.

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