Dynamo Donuts

I believe I've shared this before, but I really enjoy finding new and unique placing to eat when I travel, especially the local, one-of-a-kind places.  I haven't shared an eat out post in a while.  This one is definitely worth recommending. 
While in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend, Lonnie's cousin introduced us to a local donut shop - Dynamo Donuts.  Located in the Mission area of San Fran, this little shop offered some of the most unique donut flavors I have ever seen or tried.  The trip on Bart and the 20 min. walk were well worth it.  We ordered a Candied Orange Blossom, a Vanilla Bean, a Maple Bacon (maple iced donut topped with bits of crispy bacon), and a Spiced Chocolate (Choc, Cinnamon, and Chipotle).
Not that I have met a donut I didn't love, but I highly recommend a visit to Dynamo Donuts if you are in the Bay Area.  I am in the process of trying to come up with a recipe for the Spiced Chocolate donuts.  I love that little hint of heat with the chocolate.  I will share the recipe as soon as I perfect it.  
The kids were entertained with books all about donuts as well.  The walls were lined with shelves displaying donut themed children's literature.  

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  1. Couldn't sleep last night, so I was watching the food network at midnight. I was watching a show called "Unique Sweets" and they started describing these fantastic donuts. Right away I knew it was Dynamos. They described some flavors that were not on the menu the day I visited - I will be needing to go back there for sure.


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