Robot Themed Birthday Party - Part IV (all the other little details)

Ok, this will be my last Robot Party post. There are just a few more little details left that I haven't shared.The details are my favorite part.  I had a lot of fun drawing this robot on Adobe Illustrator (I took a class this last year in using this program).  My robot drawing was the inspiration for the cake and pinata.  I printed him up in all different sizes and attached him to the drinks, banners, bags, and just about everything.  It gave the party a very custom made feel.  I think I will be making these for all my parties from now on.
We got the girls special Robot necklaces from Forever 21.

Everyone decorated their own robot.  I provided makers, metal washers, nuts and bolts, metal pipe cleaners, buttons and glue.  I love a craft at a party.  Other then when the kids are eating their cake, it is the most quite activity at a party

Since my daughter's 1st birthday, I've made fabric treat bags for their party guests to go with the theme. It's something my mom used to do for my brothers and I.  They are quite useful even after the party.  Sometime I'll share all the bags I'm made over the years.  I found this great Robot fabric at Joann Fabrics.  The kids filled them with the pinata spoils and then all the other candy and treats they collected at the party.
Finally, square silver plates in 2 sizes mimicked the shape of a robot.
I love party planning, someday maybe I can make it a paying job.  Now that would be a lot of fun.  Does anyone else love throwing a party as much as I do?

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