Metallic Gold Framed Art

It might be a small addiction, but I just can't get enough of gold accents in my home. I love the vintage feel it adds to a room. If you asked me what I thought of gold frames a couple years ago, I'd probably think of the family photos that hung in my mom and grandma's house in the 70's and 80's. Metal frames do feel a little like a throw back, but done in clean modern lines, they are current and even a little trendy. Now I don't think you should fill your home entirely with trends, but it is fun to have a few here and there.

I've long been a fan of Minted art prints, and now they offer metal frames in matte brass, brushed silver, champaign silver, matte copper and matte black. I teamed up the Minted to change up my entryway up a bit and add some fun matte brass framed pieces.  The largest piece, called Green Forest, added a huge dose of my favorite color to the room.  I tend to stick with greys, blacks and whites, and it can feel a little too neutral. This giant punch of bright green adds some energy to my living room. I paired it with black and white mountain climbing print, called Summit, for my husband and one of Emily Jeffords gorgeous sky paintings called, Mornings Away

I decided to hang these prints in a nice neat, evenly spaced square grid. Hung over my credenza like this, they act as one large scaled piece together. When picking art to go together,  I suggest 3 tips to make the process a little easier. Really anything goes if you love the art and it speaks to you. But, if you are a rule follower, these tips might be helpful.  
  1. Pick one or two colors that will repeat in the art.  For mine, I picked the color green.
  2. At least one of the pieces should be black and white. This graphic element adds interest and always feels sophisticated.
  3. Consider variety in the detail or pattern of the images.  I made sure to chose three pieces that all had a different pattern. For example, the black and white mountain image is very tightly patterned. The large green forest painting is made up of bigger, almost chunky brush strokes, so it's pattern is a little loser. And finally the sky image is very smooth and fluid. 

I'm really glad I went with these gorgeous matte brass frames. I found myself always picking between black and white frames, because I wanted to stay neutral and timeless. But, adding a little metallic element is a fun, way less boring neutral to decorate with. 

This post is sponsored by Minted. All my opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible.


  1. Do you mind sharing the sizes of these prints for reference? Thank you!

  2. This is seriously SO pretty! I'm in love with your cohesive color scheme!!

  3. Just beautiful! Love the gold frames paired with the green art.

  4. gorgeous! I'm so glad they offer this option now...so slim and beautiful. love the prints you chose...so happy and bright.

  5. Hello,

    Do you have a 11" x 14" for sale?

    Thank you!


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