5 Changes I'm Making for 2016

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I really didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year, but I am making a few changes.  I've decided that this is my year to take care of myself. Just typing that makes me feel uncomfortable. But, I'm giving myself permission to take care of me. If you are a mom, you can probably relate. For too many years I've neglected my body and well being. I know I am tired and frustrated and I don't want to feel that way. So, I'm making 5 changes that are hopefully going to make me a better mom, wife, and just human in general.  

1. I'm exercising regularly. I've always exercised, most of my adult life.  But, this last year, I felt too busy or guilty to take an hour a day to do this for myself.  Years ago I battled with anxiety and panic attacks.  One of the tools that helped me get through that time was running. My body needs to move in order for my mind to rest. And while I still feel guilty taking this time for myself, I know I already see results.  I'm sleeping better and feel more energized throughout the day.

2. I'm eating clean. Or maybe I should say "cleaner". I'm trying to really be picky about what I eat. I'm looking at food more as fuel then a magic pill to take away my stress (no more handfuls of chocolate chips from the freezer because I'm feeling overwhelmed). I love to bake and cook meals for my family, that isn't going to change. But, I'm not always going to eat the sweets and treats, and that's ok.  My 38 year body just can't handle sugar the way the rest of my family can, and that's ok.

3. I'm giving myself permission to do nothing. I'm trying to do this everyday for at least 30 mins. This doesn't come easy for me. I always feel like there is something that needs to be done. Some email that needs to be answered, dishes that need to be washed, or some big post that I should be editing pictures for. I'd love to say that my work day ends at 5:00 PM, but I'm just not ready or able to do that yet. But, I am giving myself permission to close the laptop, ignore the messes in my house and just sit and flip through a magazine, play on pinterest (just for fun, not for the blog), watch an episode of my favorite show on Netflix, or just sit by a window and drink a cup of tea. When the afternoon lull hits and I'm wanting to push through, I'm making myself a cup of Pique Tea and taking the time to sip it while it's still hot.  I'm telling myself that it is ok to do NOTHING. This is hard for me, I'm a doer and goer.  Slowing down is not a strength for me. But, my body and mind are tired, so I think this is something I need to do everyday.  

I've also taken the month of January to really NOT blog much at all. You may have noticed. I'm a little burnt out and just need some time to catch up before I dive full force into blogging this year.  I appreciate my faithful readers who are hanging in there with me while I take this time. I'll be back with regular posts very soon, and hopefully I'll be energized and inspired after a little break.

Pique Tea requires no messy tea bags, it's handcrafted from organic whole leaf leaves into crystalized tea. Simply open a sachet and stir it into hot water for the perfect cup anytime, anywhere.  It comes in Earl Grey (my favorite), English Breakfast, Jasmine, Sencha, and Mint Sencha.

4. I'm taking time to be creative. This is not me making something for the blog, this is me just being creative to be creative. I need to have the freedom to make without the pressure of creating a post or DIY. Making is definitely a way I refuel my mind and it does energize me, and if I have the pressure of making something pinterest worthy, some of the fun in creating is taken away. So, I'm playing with watercolors and sewing a little here and there, and you all might never see it. 

5. I'm clearing clutter and getting rid of "stuff". If you know me in real life, I don't really have a cluttered house or a lot of stuff. But, I really want even less "things" in my life. I know that my mind can't rest in a messy space. It's just how I'm wired. When my home is clean and organized, life just seems better. So, this is not a new idea to me, I clean all the time (ask my family). But, this year I'm making an effort to get rid of more things I don't use or need in my life.  Since the new year, I've loaded our car twice with bags of clothes, books and everything else I don't need and I've donated it. It's weird, dropping off those loads really does feel like a weight is lifted. And with less stuff, my house always feels cleaner and easier to organize. Even my older kids mentioned this weekend that they liked getting rid of stuff as we cleaned the garage together.  They recognize that all the "stuff" really isn't necessary.  

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  1. Bravo. I love these changes and really need to incorporate some... well maybe all, of them into my life too! I'm actually not a tea drinker but have JUST started to try it as an effort to drink less sugar. I'll have to try this one out!

    1. I already during way too much coffee, and I don't want soda in my life, so tea is the perfect pick me up! As I approach 40, I'm finding that I need to be a little selfish, it's hard to though. I feel guilty, hopefully that feeling will pass when I start seeing good results.

  2. It's so hard as a mom not to feel you're being self-centered when you take time away from your precious kiddos. Over the years, I've finally learned that if I don't care for myself first, there is so much less of me -- patience, energy, creativity, and smiles -- to share with my family. I think it's a beautiful gift for you to model the importance of taking care of yourself for your children!

    And as much as I love every single post, I also applaud you for taking a little more time away from the blog in order to be creative without any pressure and really, truly resting. I have no doubt that your choice to spend more time being present and joyful in "real life" will result in even better content. I count myself a happy, devoted reader and will certainly stay that way even if you post less often. Take care, lovely lady!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It's definitely a journey and I'm not there yet. Everyday I feel a little less guilty though, so that's a start. And thank you for being a "devoted reader", it's nice to hear from real folks that actually read my blog regularly.


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