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As we hit November, I feel the need to start thinking about all the Christmas gifts I need to buy. In our family, that is my job. And honestly, I don't think anyone wants my biology nerd hubby picking out their gift. There's always at least one person in the family that is hard to buy for and that person is the biology nerd. I really hate giving gift cards and there is no way I'm going to be able to pick out some scientific journal or ecologist biography that he's been dying to read. So this year, I'm super excited about the presents I have for him.  I had a few of my nature photographs, from our trip this Summer, framed at Framebridge.  They turned out so good, and now I'm feeling like they are a present to me as well, I can't wait to get them up on the walls. Well, to be totally honest, I already hung the eagle in the fog photograph in our living room. I made sure to say Merry Christmas to Lonnie when he saw it.

I took down all the smaller pieces on this wall and replaced them with this one big fabulous piece.  I love the simplicity and clean lines of having just one frame on this little wall. As I Canadian, I was a little worried that this eagle image felt a little too patriotic, tee hee. Lonnie insists that we're making nature photography cool again. What do you think?

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So, in case you are new O + P, this Summer we took an epic road trip as a family. We drove all the way from Southern California to Alaska and back with our vintage trailer, Riley.  It took us about 5 weeks, with some stops along the way of course.  But, we put over 9000 miles on our truck. We are so glad we did this as a family. Lonnie grew up in Alaska, so we've been as a family a few times, but we've never driven the Alcan together. Yes, it's a lot of car time, but the scenery and the wildlife is absolutely amazing.  And nothing brings you closer to your kids then camping and road tripping together. One day in Northern British Columbia we saw caribou, buffalo, elk and a grizzly bear. That beats going to the zoo any day.

There's nothing I like more then filling my home with memories from our travels.  I have very few generic art prints in my home, I want my the pieces I hang on my walls to have meaning and significance to our family.  Plus, I feel like I'm doing my kids a service, and when I'm long gone, they can inherit these framed pieces from our adventures together as a family. 

Framebridge had so many great choice for frames in lots of colors, finishes and styles.  I went with clean, modern frames called Carson and Irvine.  I squealed when I unwrapped the Jasper National Park reflection image in it's gorgeous gold frame.  Green and gold are also so pretty together.  

There's a couple options for getting your artwork framed with Framebridge.  You can simply send them a digital file, like even an Instagram image like my buffalo print, or you can mail in a special art piece or photograph and they will custom frame it for you. I opted for both options. I had already printed the reflection image at a local printer, so Framebridge sent me a specific box for the print and I simply packaged it up and sent it on it's way with my postman.  So simple and easy.  

Framebridge also sends you instructions and a picture hangers so you can hang your framed pieces right away.

I'm pretty excited to check one person off my Christmas shopping list.  Lonnie's gifts are done!!! And he's going to love them.

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This post is sponsored by Framebridge.  Thank you for supporting the amazing companies that help make this blog possible. 

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  1. gorgeous photos! love the green and gold combo so much!


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