Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes for Siblings

I know Halloween in long over now, but I really wanted you to see this year's costumes. My kids are really really great sports and go along with my crazy themed costumes. I've always dressed them in costumes that go together in some way.  As Denali gets older, I'm always sure it will be the last year. This year the Alice, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit costumes were a hit with each of them.

Olivia has the perfect blond hair to be Alice in Wonderland.  I actually found the dress at Old Navy and the tulle skirt at Target and then my mom made the adorable little apron for her.  I added a felt red heart to tie all the costumes together.

Denali has the Queen of Hearts look down.  She never cracked a smile and kept that stern look most of the evening.  For her costume, I added black and white felt hearts to a red lace dress I found on clearance for $4.99 at Forever 21.  I made her fun collar with a pack of playing cards and some bias tape.  I simply fanned them out and then sewed them together.  It worked out perfectly and stood up stiff and straight, just as I had hoped.

Dylan is our cool White Rabbit. Instead of a fancy ruffled collar, we opted to make him a little more distinguished with a bow tie and vest.  I made felt ears for Dylan and attached them to a head band, he cut out and painted his out clock, and I bend some wire and painted it gold to make him some spectacles.

I love the pop of red to tie all the costumes together.

I bet started thinking about an idea for next year's costumes.  It's going to be hard to top this look.  I'm open to suggestions, if you have great ideas for costumes that go together, I'm all ears.


  1. Amazing costumes and great job on the playing card collar!

    1. Ahhhh thanks so much! The collar might be my favorite accessory as well.


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