Summer Spotlight Series - PJ of A Girl Named PJ

You know, Summer isn't officially over yet.  And it will certainly feel like Summer in Cali for a few more months.  So, I've got a few more friends that need to be introduced.  My Summer Spotlight Series is still alive.

I'm excited to introduce you to PJ of the very stylish blog, A Girl Named PJ.  I met PJ at Alt a few years ago and then we shared a bed in NYC when we attended a Better Homes and Gardens event a 2 years ago.  PJ is one of the most style savvy friends I have.  I'd love for her to pick my wardrobe. She's not afraid of a trend, but still has a classic and clean look.  She is one stylish mom on the go! And talk about cute kids - her boys are adorable!  PJ's blog is always a good read.  She has a beautiful writing style and tells stories so well. I appreciate her candid and honest conversations about being a mom and balancing it all.  PJ recently moved from Nebraska all the way to Washington DC.  She is living this cool big city life, that I'd love to experience someday.  She has a few great series that you should definitely check out.  I love her style posts and her fun coffee series.  She also has some great make up and nail tutorials, like this clever color block manicure below.  And she has me wanting to learn how to braid my own hair

So PJ, let's talk a little bit about your Summer.

What does a perfect Summer day look like to you?
Brunch at a restaurant with an outdoor patio followed by a couple of hours at the pool. A late afternoon nap at home while the kids sleep and a backyard BBQ with friends in the evening.

How do you stay cool?
Air conditioning! I love summer, but I hate being hot. After spending time outside, I relish coming home to a cool house. In our old house, the living areas on the first floor were always freezing in order to keep the upstairs bedrooms comfortably cool. I'm talking cuddling-under-throw-blankets freezing, but I kind of loved it! 

What is your essential Summer item?
Besides air conditioning? Iced coffee! I need to learn how make the perfect cup of cold-brewed coffee.

Pool, Lake or Ocean?

Tan, Burn, or Freckle?

Flip Flops, Slip-ons, or Bare Feet?
Birkenstock sandals

What's on your Summer reading list?

What is one Summer activity you are looking forward to?
My husband and I have been talking about taking vacation (just the two of us!) this summer. I had a milestone birthday back in March, and this trip would be my belated birthday present! I've never been to Paris...

Do you have a goal or project for this Summer?
We moved mid-June, and I'd love to have the house unpacked, organized, and decorated by the end of the summer. 

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your beautiful blog! I can't believe the summer is almost over -- and I never made it to Paris! ;)


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