Monthly Memory Verse - August

Well, it's about time I had a new printable Memory Verse.  As school starts and my kids are off to new schools and they face new adventures and challenges, I know they need this scripture.  And really, I need it as well. Denali just started High School and Dylan is now officially a Jr. Higher. Being a teenager is tough. I'm praying that my kids make good choices and find friends that will help make them better people.  I want them to be a light in their worlds, I want their friends to ask why they are at peace and have joy. I want their lives and actions to show what they believe is true.  

You can download this 8x10 print HERE.

If you'd like to have more printable memory verses for your home, be sure to check out all the other ones I've created.

This is intended for personal use only.  
(Note: The text at the bottom of the image may print, but it is not within the 8 X10 measurement. When you print, do not scale the image)


  1. I was just thinking about these last night! Would love to return to these. Beautiful leaves. :) xoxo, MJ

    1. I've dropped the ball on these printables so many times. I loved the one you did this last March. Anytime you want to do more, just let me know :)


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