Summer Spotlight Series - Rachel Mae Smith of The Crafted Life

I've known Rachel via the internet for a few years now, but I had the pleasure of getting to know her in person this last January at Alt Summit.  We roomed together and served as Alt Reps in Salt Lake City.  I have to tell you, right off the bat, that Rachel's hair looks as good in person as it does in all her pics.  Yes, it's really that shiny and healthy.  And now, she is sporting fun PINK hair - I love it! Rachel is sweet, genuine, and the most down to earth person.  

Rachel is not only a super creative lady, she's also a savvy business women.  This girl has grown her blog and social media accounts like a boss over the last couple of years.  I admire her tenacity and work ethic.  

With Rachel's DIYs, you know you are going to get a healthy dose of color and easy to follow how-to's.  But, I also love her new series Meet the Maker, where she interviews other makers.  

So Rachel, let's talk a your Summer. 

What does a perfect Summer day look like to you?
Sleeping in, color hunting, picnic, a nice drive followed by ice cream.

How do you stay cool?

Ice cream all the way. Unless we're talking about fashion, in which case, sequins :)

What is your essential Summer item?

Sunglasses (and sunscreen!)

Pool, Lake or Ocean?

None of the above, we float down the Sandy River!

Tan, Burn, or Freckle?


Flip Flops, Slip-ons, or Bare Feet?


What's on your Summer reading list?

A few back issues of Real Simple-- I'm so behind!

What is one Summer activity you are looking forward to?

Picnics in the park.

Do you have a goal or project for this Summer?

Don't get a sunburn. That and explore California. 

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  1. You are just the nicest! Thank you so much for your kind words and for having me here!


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