Last Minute Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

Well, we just got home today and I'm feeling super unprepared for Father's Day.  So, I did a little online shopping and found some fun stuff for dads.  And the best part is that these are all 2 day shipping, so I can order then in time.  So, if you have left father's day to the last minute like I have, hopefully this will help you out as well.


  1. A couple of these just went on my list for my brother for his birthday! Love the coffee finds.

  2. Great roundup. I love the cold brew bottle -- perfect for a dad who travels regularly for business!

  3. Nice list.A great dad deserves a great gift -regardless of the possibility that its a touch last minute.Ties may be played out,yet they're no less than a reliable thought.Take a stab at getting dad something that is a touch not quite the same not surprisingly,yet stylish.Then again supplant a ragged tie with an overhauled style.Thank you.
    @Bonnie Jenkins.


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