O + P Color Palette 2015 - Peach

Peachy, pinky, rosie, blush - these feminine shades have been calling my name lately.  I've shared a few inspiration boards with this color (here and here).  This is definitely a color that is part of my O + P color palette.  It looks great with Gold, Grey and especially Cobalt Blue (my current favorite combo). 

This is a color this easy to find in home decor and clothing stores right now. I've gathered a few of my favorite pieces here.  They are all reasonably priced.  And peach is such a great color for Spring. It's time to get out of the heavy, dark winter clothes and lighten up your look with some pretty pastels friends.
Pillow // Towel // Bowl

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget "salmon", which is the name that turns me away from the color. I love eating salmon but I don't want to wear/decorate with it.

    So of course my daughter chose peach/salmon colored sandals this year. They look very comfortable, at least.


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