Butterfly Brunch

I love hosting parties and get-togethers.  Kids parties are the best, because I can run with a theme. But, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to have my home spotless for guests or deal with the cleanup after.  And to be honest, our house is really small, so if you have more then 5 kiddos over, it feels very crowded.  So, I decided a picnic party in the park was a great solution.  I put together a fun little Butterfly Brunch for Olivia.  Her friends met at the park and I brought the brunch and games to them. 

To make sure the all important nap time is not missed, a morning party is perfect for little ones.  I started with Munchkin's adorable Butterfly Lunch Bags and made simple decorations and treats in the butterfly theme.

No paper plates and cups needed for this party.  All the guests were served their brunch in Bento Boxes and Drink Box Carriers that I added butterfly touches to.

In each Lunch Bag I packed a french toast breakfast shaped as a butterfly, a little yogurt, fruit, and some syrup for dipping.  I cut french toast diagonally to make 4 triangles and then placed them on either side of a breakfast sausage to make the wings of the butterfly.  I also added a couple slices of strawberry for antenna. Olivia loves the little containers and compartments for keeping her food neat and organized.

No need for fancy drinks, kids LOVE anything in a pouch or box.  I gave these super handy Drink Box Carriers a little party look by adding paper butterflies.

And after you run around and play for a while, you need a snack, so I made these easy butterfly cracker and cheese bags.  I painted some small wooden clothes pins lavender.  Then, I filled a snack sized zipper bag with a handful of oyster crackers and a few cubes of cheese and divided the two treats with the clothes pin.  The crackers don't get mushy and it makes a fun butterfly shaped snack.

And here's my favorite part, there is NO cleanup.  As a party favor, send the lunch bags, bento boxes and drink box carriers home with each guest.  It's a favor your guests will actually use.  

Come back tomorrow to see the how-to's for the cute Butterfly T-shirts I made for Olivia and her little friends, a take-anywhere game I made with a towel and Munchkin's Grippy Dots, and the cute paper butterflies on the Drink Box Carriers.

This post is sponsored by Munchkin. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 


  1. So cute, Jeran! Love the simple geometric butterflies!

    1. Thanks friend, gotta stick with my triangles :)

  2. How simple and fun...just a little thought and a cute idea make for a really fun memory :)

    1. Yay, in glad you approve. I decided to keep things super simple and doable. Sometimes parties are so elaborate that you don't want to even try. Less is more - I keep telling myself that.

  3. Ah! Those little lunches are SO cute!

  4. LOVE the lunchbox/bento box favor. party favors are usually cute, but totally a waste of my money and time....not these!


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