Butterfly Brunch How-to's

I hope you saw yesterday's post, the Butterfly Brunch.  The fun take-anywhere party is simple and totally doable.  No fancy DIYs here my friends.  I've got three easy how-to's that your'll be able to put together with a few simple supplies and no time at all.

The first DIY is these cute geometric butterfly t-shirts that I made for the guests.  I started with solid colored t-shirts and some scraps of black and white patterned fabric.  The only other material you'll need is some iron-on Pellon (available at your local fabric store.  

Start by ironing on the fabric scraps to a small piece of Pellon.  

Remove the paper backing and cut out 4 triangle and one long oblong piece for the body of the butterfly.  I didn't even sketch these out.  I just eye-balled the size and then cut.  I like that all the triangles are not perfectly the same size. 

Place the triangles and body piece on the shirt were you'd like them.  I decided not to center my butterfly on the shirt, but instead adhered them off centered on the tops of some of the shirt and near the bottoms on others.

With a hot iron, steam turned off,  iron the pieces to the shirt till they are completely adhered.  

If you wanted to add another step, you could top stitch these pieces down as well.  

The second simple DIY I made for this little party, was adding a little butterfly details to the Drink Box Carriers.

Using simple triangles cut out of patterned scrapbook paper, I attached them to the drink box carriers with a piece of washi tape.

And the third DIY is Olivia's favorite, she's been playing with this simple tossing game for hours and hours.  She keeps inventing new rules and ways to play.  With a white towel, some spray paint, masking tape and the colorful grippy dots you can make a fun take-anywhere game.

I simply masked off 6 triangles and cut out the numbers 1-6.  I placed the number in the middle of the triangles and then spray painted the triangles.  Super easy, right?  I originally thought it would be a fun, points based tossing game, but if you let kids make their own rules, you can get a much more intense and involved game. 

I love a detailed and even elaborate party, but lately I feel like there isn't a enough hours in the day.
This simple party didn't add stress to my life and Olivia and her friends had a blast.

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