Oleander + Palm Studio

Well, are you ready to see a first look at my new studio space?  I've been in the space for a couple of weeks now and although I don't get to go there everyday, I'm sure productive when I'm there. This dedicated work space is really paying off.  I don't have the distractions of laundry and dusting my house.  And I can leave a project half finished, and return to it the next day without having to pack everything up.  So far, I just have a couple shelves and some folding tables in the space, but I've got big plans.

The studio is actually divided into two rooms. You can get a better look at the space below (sorry for the bad iphone pics).  The first room you walk into is smaller and has no windows.  It leads to a bigger room that has a whole wall of windows.  The first room I'm dedicating to storage and my office space.  I already have some shelves in there with all my craft supplies and equipment and I will have a desk for my computer very soon. You know I'm a huge fan of The Land of Nod, and I love their stuff for grown up spaces.  So, I'm using a few of my favorite Nod pieces for a clean, efficient work space.  

This is the larger of the two rooms and the one with all the great light.
The second room, with all the windows, I'm keeping as a blank canvas.  This is where I will host workshops, do my making and then photograph the finished products.

This picture is taken from the first room, where I will have my storage and desk space,  into the second room.
This is the first room and the entrance door.  This picture is taken from the second room, the room with the windows.
I hope that gives you a better idea of the space.  I will show more of the progress as the space begins to take shape.  I hope to find sometime this week to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. I'm keeping them white, but there are a lot of scuff marks and smudges that need to be covered.


  1. I cannot wait to see what you do with this space! So excited for you on this new venture!

  2. such a great space to start with! love those windows!


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