Abstract Art Eggs

I've been pushing myself to paint more.  I am not an artist at all, but I'm enjoying playing with colors and technique.  Last week I painted a little canvas and this week I decided to make paper mache eggs my canvas.  

This post is less of a DIY and more of a learning process log for me.  I painted these eggs a couple times each till I got a combination of color and pattern I liked together.  I love experimenting. Sometimes you don't know what you like or why you like it till you play around  a bit.  I think that applies to home decor and even fashion.  Lately I've been trying to define my personal style and even the style and aesthetic of my blog.  I'm of course drawn to trends, but what is it about certain trends that I like?  These are silly questions I ask myself.  As I work on designing more spaces for other folks, I'm wanting to learn more about why we like what we do.  

Well, now I'm just rambling on.  But, I'm trying to buy and consume less of what is just trendy and stick with the things I really love.  So, now to figure out what it is a really love.  


  1. I'm so with you. So good to pull back and asses our style choices. The black & white egg is my favorite!

  2. Soo good! I wish I thought of this for easter.


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