Felt Tic Tac Toe

We always need less TV in this house.  Games are a great alternative, and nothing's simpler then good old tic tac toe.  I made a little felt game board and pieces this week for my kids.  Olivia is not quite old enough to really get the concept, but it's good for the big kids to patiently play with her and teach her the rules.  

All you need is a little felt, some scissors and you can either sew the game board pieces together, or just glue them with felt glue.  I cut two squares of felt. The bottom white piece is 16x16" and the top black piece is 14x14".  And I also cut 5 each of the Xs and Os out of the white felt (I've got a printable template for the those HERE).  

To make the grid on the board, I sewed back and forth with my machine in pink thread.  You don't even have to sew in a straight line.  I like the imperfection of the overlapping stitches.  And if you don't want to sew at all, glue is always an option, but you'll need to glue some strips of felt for a grid as well.

I also stitched on a piece of ribbon to one side of the board, so that the board could be rolled up for storage.  Because all the pieces are felt, they stick together well.  Just place all the X's and O's on the board before you roll it up and they will stay put.

Wouldn't this make a great non-candy Valentine's gift for some kiddos in your life?

I hope your Monday is off to a great start.  We had a fun weekend together as a family.  Saturday, we spent the day in Ojai.  It was fantastic, I'll share more about our day here soon.  And on Sunday, we went to church and then we just chilled at home, ate snacks and watched the game (actually I really only watched the half time show).

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