Famous Paintings Halloween Costumes

Oh man, I'm so pleased with this year's Halloween costumes.  Every year, I HAVE to dress my kids in costumes that go together.  Folks always ask, "How do you get your kids to agree to this every year?".  The truth is, they don't have a choice.  It's a given that their costume have to go together.  I'm a mean mom, but I'm also the one making their costumes every year.  The truth is, they love it and I think it will be fun thing for them to look back on.

We start talking about Halloween costumes months in advance.  I'm not sure who came up with this idea, but it was a good one.  It didn't require a lot of sewing, just gathering and hunting down bits and pieces to make each painting. Surprisingly, the frames were the hardest part of the costume. But, after hitting a few thrift stores and an antique mall, I found 3 that would work.  I gave them a quick coat of gold spray paint and Lonnie made little labels for each of the frames (that was his contribution to the costumes).

Olivia kind of stole the show as Frida Kahlo.  Going from her super blond hair to black was very dramatic.  She took Halloween very serious this year and was all about holding her frame up every time she said trick or treat.  The dress we had already, it was Denali's when she was a toddler, we bought it in Baja Mexico.  I put one of my scarves around her shoulders and glued and wired a bunch of huge felt flowers to a head band.

Denali's Mona Lisa costume was the easiest.  We found a beautiful vintage gown at a store downtown for $20 and she wore one of my black scarves around her shoulders.  We sprayed some black hair spray into her hair as well to match the original look as close as possible.

Dylan played an excellent Vincent Van Gogh, he kept the pose just right all evening.  I painted his face in small strokes to give the effect of an impressionist painting.  We wrapped his ear with gauze, and he wore my wool coat and his grandpa's hat.  The pipe I found at Party City.

I hope you had a fun Halloween.  We sure did.


  1. Your sons really nailed that pic! but yeah Frida Kahlo is my fav :) Her eyebrows are cracking me up!!

  2. This will go down in the history of best costumes.


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