Geometric Deer Antler Printable

You guys, I'm so happy to share Amy's amazing DIY today. She gets me, just look at this gorgeous peach and green color combo. 

Hello Oleander + Palm readers!  It's Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling, a creative DIY blog.  I have been following Jeran for some time and it was such fun when I was able to meet her in person at this past summer's Alt Summit.  I'm so thrilled to be guest posting today, sharing this fun Geometric Deer Antler Printable with you.

My supplies for this project were quite simple.  I designed this geometric deer antler printable (downloadable at the bottom of the post).  It's available in portrait or landscape and also comes in a black and white option.  And then I pulled a few scraps of felt out, my scissors and hot glue.

The felt flowers needed to fit this printable proportionately, so I made them fairly small.  I cut rough 3"x4" rectangles and then cut them into a spiral.  Starting in the center, wind the felt onto itself, adding hot glue as necessary to secure.

After all my flowers were completed, I added a few leaves and placed them onto the printable.

I love the juxtaposition of the soft flowers and the hard geometry of the deer.

The portrait styled print fits in so nicely with my clipboard wall in our dining room.  

These Geometric Deer Antler prints are available to download in portrait or landscape, colored or black and white! 


If you like this project, be sure to stop by Delineate Your Dwelling and say hello.  You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook.


  1. Hope you're having a great trip! Thanks for letting me guest today!!

  2. I love Amy's blog and I will be printing this in the black and white. I like the warmer color palette so I'll fill in my own colors with watercolors :) The flower makes it just girly enough!


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