Dining Room Reveal

I've been making a few changes to my dining room over the last couple of months. It's really taken me longer then I thought. But, that's really the thing with designing and decorating on a very small budget. You have to be patient. You're not always going to find the deal immediately.  Remember, I sold my table before I had a new one. But, then I scored an amazing Danish mid century one from Craigslist in San Diego. And the chairs were also difficult. It ended up that I had chosen West Elm chairs that had be discontinued. So I had only one and ended up finding 3 more somewhere in Texas and had them shipped to me.

But, the final piece made the space - my new Lamps Plus industrial chandelier.  I chose this gorgeous 28" wide, 12 edison bulb chandelier. I feel like a real grown up with a real chandelier in my home. It's big and bold and super sophisticated. I think it's really important to add just a splash of high end decor to any space. For the most part, my look is very thrifted and diy-ish, so I believe this gorgeous chandelier elevates my space.

This room represents my personal style so much better now. My old table was just fine, but the lines and shape of my new/old table are so much better. We've already had lots of company over and we can easily fit 8-10 folks at this table. I think it all plays well with my 1920s built-ins as well. And maybe it just looks disjointed and amateur, but that's probably because I am both. Either way, I love it.

This is a very hard working space. That little black cabinet is my blog office or as some bloggers call it, their studio. And the opposite wall from the desk is my photo studio, I'm sure you recognize the grey paint color from most of my pictures.  

I love that you can see the new chandelier as soon as you walk into our home. Here's the view from our living room. 

Here's a list of a lot of the other details from the space: 

The paint color is Benjamin Moore AF-705 Cinder.


  1. Thanks Heather, sometimes I think there is a lack of color. Grey and green are my go to colors. I'm really excited to see what you do on your new blog. You have such a great eye and I love your aesthetic. I'd happily live in any space you design.

  2. Oh Jeran, I love it! The chandelier goes so well with your other decor. And that view from your living room is killer. I love what you said about having one high-end piece---I have an eclectic/thrifted/DIY style too as you know, and in my living room makeover added long linen curtains. They're not "high-end" price-wise, but they do make the room feel more adult and intentional!

  3. stunning! it creates such an eye-catching focal point! I share the same thrifted style in my home, and I always think my rooms are better with a few brand-new pieces too!

  4. oooo i love the wall color! It's the perfect shade + exactly what I've been wanting to add in my home. What's the shade/brand of the wall paint?

  5. Love it! How did you suspend the air plant bubbles from the ceiling?

    1. I just screwed an eye (it's a circle/loop on one end and threaded like a screw on the other end) into the ceiling. I figure when I get tired of them, I can just patch and paint the ceiling. With an old house, I'm not afraid to just dive it.

  6. I particularly love the chandelier. I am not enough of a design guy to know, but I think it all works well together


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