Thrifting Thursday - Red Head Oil Painting and Copper Candle Sticks

 This last Saturday, I did really well at garage sales and my favorite Salvation Army.  Here's a couple of my favorite finds.  The oil painting was a must.  How often do you come across ones of beautiful redheads?  Not very often.  I love how dark and moody this piece is.  And the subtle hints of color in her hat.  It is dated 1974.  I kind of think Emily Henderson would approve of this piece.

The pottery piece has a very 70's feel to it as well.  I love the speckled finish.  Now to find the perfect fern for this little guy.

And this pair of candle stick - me oh my.  So much coppery goodness.  The pair were hidden in a box under an old key board at a garage sale.  The screws needed a tiny bit of tightening, but otherwise, they are in mint condition.  

Now for the best part, how much did I pay?

The candle sticks - $1.50 for the pair (I know, amazing, right?).
The redhead oil painting - $5
The pottery piece - $2.50

Not bad at all.  Have you scored something great lately?  I'd love to hear what your thrifting adventures have brought you.  

1 comment:

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful!!!! Great prices too. Haven't made it to a thirft store lately or a yard sale but I'm itching to do so now!


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