Thrifting Thursday - Random finds from Idaho

Phew, you guys, if you haven't noticed via my instagram, I'm on the Road.  In the last week, I've been through Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, California, Oregon, British Columbia, Alberta and some of them twice.  I should add up the miles.  

But, while in Idaho, I hit a fun Vintage Market in Boise with my sis-in-law and mother-in-law.  It was at the fair grounds and most of the booths had vintage trailers (right up my alley).  We loaded the truck with a lot of fun treasures.  I wanted to share a couple of my random finds.

The first find is my favorite.  I hit the paint by number jackpot with 2 Jesus paintings.  And the bonus is that the Mother Mary is on the back of each.  I'm pretty excited about owning these.  I do love Jesus.

The next little treasure is this little brass desktop calendar.  The date is changed by rotating the top portion, I'm not sure how it works, but it's pretty impressive.  As you flip it, the numbers increase by one each rotation. 

And the last of my random purchases was the least expensive at just $3.  This little shoe mold is a perfect paper weight or just a cute little knick knack to sit on top of a stack of books.  I love metal pieces that have some texture and wear and tear to them.

There's more, bigger pieces, that I'll share with you later.  These are obviously pieces I didn't go shopping for, hoping to find.  That's the joy of thrifting, you never know what you'll find.  There are some things that I seek out, like vintage lamps (that I can update with new lamp shades), and then there are other things that you just have to happen upon, like random cute junk.

I'm in Canada for the next two week with my parents and the girls (Lon and Dyl are still in Indonesia).   I'm hoping to score some great Canadian junk/treasures.

So, what have you found thrifting lately?  Anything big, or just some really great smalls?  I'd love to hear, so please share.

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