Triangle Rosemary Wreath

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of geometric shapes this season.  They are modern and fresh and add an edgy feel to my home design.  But not all geometric shapes have to be harsh and sharp edged.  For a subtle angular touch, I'm adding Triangle Rosemary Wreaths to my decor.

These easy to make wreathes not only look fabulous, but they smell divine as well.  I love the woodsy, warm smell of fresh rosemary.  I've hung my little wreath right by my front door, so the rich scent welcomes my guests as the enter our home.

I chose a simple triangle shape for my wreath, but these would be pretty cute as square or even better, hexagon wreathes as well.

I gathered rosemary from my garden, but this herb is easy to find at any grocery store.

20 gauge floral wire
floral tape
2 18" floral stem wire

Start by bending the two pieces of floral stem wire into a triangle shape.  I bent the ends to lock the corners together.  Then wrap the corners with floral tape to keep them in place and stable.  Using green floral wire and green tape camouflages the frame of this wreath.

Using the thin floral wire, begin wrapping the fresh rosemary to the frame. Wrap every 1", adding another piece of rosemary each time.  Layering the rosemary will hide the wire that is holding this together.

At the corners, simply bend the rosemary and continue wrapping and layering every 1".

The thin wire will be visible only in a few spots.

Add a festive bow to the top of the triangle.  I chose peach, it's not so Christmassy, that you can't keep enjoying this through the Winter season.  And I think peach and green just look so great together.  

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most beautiful.  This little wreath doesn't need any extra bells or whistles to make it better.  I hope you enjoy making these sweet little wreaths for your home.  


  1. Replies
    1. It's kind of dry now because I made it a few weeks ago, but it still smells really great.


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