Hunger Games Party

We celebrated Denali's 12th birthday with a Hunger Games party.  It was really such a fun afternoon.  I had a crazy week leading up to the party, but somehow we got it all together. This kid is worth it. She is beautiful inside and out. So proud of her and lucky to have her as my daughter. 

Can I tell you, 12 year olds are a tough crowd. I planned games and crafts, but they really just wanted to stand around looking awkwardly at each other. Maybe it wasn't awkward to them, but it was for me. Denali LOVED the party and seemed really happy, so I'll go with that. I'm not sure if I'm ready to have a teenager in my home (are you ever ready?).  

I'm sure you saw my planning and gathering of party supplies. I really had fun with this black, white and gold color palette. All the gorgeous Glitter Everywhere party decorations from Minted worked so well with this theme. I repeated arrows all over the place in honor of Katnis the heroine of the Hunger Games books. I love how the dessert table backdrop turned out. I used the quiver and arrows that I got at a flea market and then cut lots of black, white and glittery gold arrows with my cricut and stuck them to the wall cascading into the quiver.  

On the dessert table I served, oreo truffles dipped in black colored chocolate, Katnis Caramel Apples (with arrows through them), "black" fruit, homemade caramel corn, chocolate Mocking Jay cookies and oreo cupcakes and vanilla bean cupcakes, and lots of black and gold candy.  

Now we wait for Catching Fire to come out in theaters. And I think we should have this party all over again.


  1. Gorgeous party Jeran! I love how simple yet impactful the arrow wall is. All your little touches with the food were so fun too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed my daughters will still let me decorate their parties for them when they turn 12 - so fun! ;)

  2. You did a great job! Happy birthday to your lucky daughter :-)

    1. Thank you, I think she really did have a great day.

  3. Great ideas and suggestions! Those muffins and chocolate candies are looking amazing I would say. Organizing the party in a perfect theme can actually add more fun and liveliness to the whole party. By going through your blog, I am memorizing the last birthday party of my daughter which I celebrated in an open garden. It was fun to decorate the whole area with balloons and ribbons. The party was based on Barbie doll theme and all the invited kids were dressed in beautiful princess outfits.


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