DIY Turkey Dishtowel

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my mom in San Fran. We wondered around a few shops and I came across this Crate and Barrel turkey towel. I loved the simplicity and non-fussyness of the all black turkey. I decided that I needed a couple of these, but at $12.95 each, I figured I could make them for a lot less.

Sometimes you are just fresh out of creative ideas, I'm kind of feeling that way lately. I feel like all my good ideas are used up. So, while I'm feeling a little creatively dry, I'm going to take Crate and Barrel's product and practice my stenciling skills. Do you ever feel this way, like you need a creative refill? sometimes the process of just doing and making spurs on other good ideas for me.

I started with a pre-washed piece of unbleached, cotton/linen blend fabric. I did all my stenciling before hemming the edges because I wanted the black stripes to wrap around the sides. I simply made a turkey freezer paper stencil's using my Cricut machine and the Autumn Celebrations cartridge. But, do not fret my non-cricut using friends, I have also made a printable template for you.  Just trace and cut out your turkey with an x-acto knife. If you are lucky enough to own a Cricut, here's how I cut freezer paper stencils. Cut of piece of freezer paper to fit your cutting mat. Place the freezer paper shiny side down on the mat. Set the pressure to 3,  blade depth to 4, and the speed can be on 5. Then cut just as you would with any other paper. The stencils come out beautifully every time. 

For the two stripes along the bottom of the towel, I used good old blue painters tape. Then I used my freezer paper stenciling instructions (and if you like an ombre effect, these instructions might be helpful). Normally when stenciling black, I would let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat.  But, because the original towel had a nice worn and washed look to it, I decided I liked the sparse first coat only to replicate this effect.

If you like these homemade Turkey versions, you might also like the DIY West Elm Monogram Towels I made earlier this year. These would be great hostess gifts for Thanksgiving - hint, hint!

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