DIY Bead Curtain Pulls

I added a little fun and funk to my boring curtain pulls. I'm sharing the full instructions for making these DIY Bead Curtain Pulls over on Henry Happened.

I don't know about your lives lately, but mine is CRAZY busy. It seems like everything happens all at once. I feel like I have so many projects in the works all at the same time. I am dying for a real day off. Thanksgiving break is almost here, and I'm so excited for the adventure we're going on. I'll share more about it very soon - it's beyond cool. I hope you have a great Thursday friends. We've almost made it to the weekend.


  1. Jeran, I just saw this project on Henry Happened. It's gorgeous! You always have such great ideas! And yes, things are nutty busy in my life as well--here's to holding out till after New Year's when it all dies down!

    1. Thanks Marlene for checking it out. You are always so encouraging and uplifting. Thanks friend.


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