Mini Mint Kitchen

You may have noticed by now, but I LOVE the color green.  I blame it on my red hair, and the fact that my mom always dressed me in green. And I am really drawn to that Jadeite Green shade. It's kind of called mint right now. But, when we first got married, I inherited a couple jadeite tea cups from my husband's family. And being the good Martha Stewart fan that I was, my love for jadeite grew more and more. So, I decided that I'd paint Olivia's little play kitchen minty green.

Well, actually it was Denali's kitchen that my dad made for her first birthday (that was almost 11 years ago). My two oldest kids played and played with this kitchen.  Finally about 4 years ago I moved it to the garage, because I thought they had out grown it. And now Olivia gets her turn with it.  But, it needed a fresh coat of paint after all those years.

I pinned this mint kitchen a while ago.  I can't justify painting my cabinets now, while they are still so new. But, let's pretend I had a second home or a cabin in the woods, believe me, I would definitely have a mint kitchen. So, for now we are going to just go with Olivia's mini version.

Here's what it looked like before.

It was cute, back in the day, but I love this new color combo of green and gold (like my geometric pillow).

I'm kind of a thrower and don't like to keep a lot of stuff. But, I'm so glad I kept this, even though I didn't know I was going to have a 3rd baby.  We really haven't bought any new dishes or play food.  All of Denali's stuff really held up.  Olivia is having so much fun with this kitchen.  This kitchen has probably been all three of my kids favorite toy during their toddler and preschool years.

Don't you think this new paint job really updates this little kitchen?  And are you with me on how fabulous that real mint kitchen is?  Would you be brave enough to do something that trendy in you kitchen?

And this little cheeky face was just too cute not to share.


  1. Love those tiny hands!!! And I love the mint kitchen- especially with the brick... so pretty!!

    1. that huge built wall in your kitchen could look cute mint - just sayin

  2. Looks great Jeran. Emma

  3. It looks great that color! The child with it is particularly cute! Linda

  4. How adorable! This is a lovely update, and what a good idea to get your decor kicks in through toys. :)

    1. Thanks Marlene. Maybe I should get a doll house. then i could really have some fun decorating and redecorating on a budge.


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