Geometric Pineapple Print

I've meant to share this with you for quite awhile now.  If you remember a few weeks ago, I was on a pineapple kick.  Our Summer trip to Maui inspired on my love for pineapple.  I shared a couple recipes, Pineapple Chicken Rice Salad and Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt, I made a pineapple tote and I shared a round up of some Pineapple Pretties

I know everyone is ready for Fall and are totally done with Summer.  But, it still feels like Summer here with weather in the 90's.  And technically we have a couple more weeks until Fall is officially here.  So, it's Summer still here at Oleander and Palm.  There will be lots of Fall fun in no time at all.

I made this print especially for my mother in law as a little thank you for our trip to Maui.  She does all the organizing to get these family trips put together.  We had such a wonderful time and made so many memories.  I wanted her to have a little piece of the tropics to remind her of that trip.

I kept the design simple and geometric (of course). Pineapples represent hospitality, so this would also make a great hostess or house warming gift.  

I framed it in this beautiful grey weathered wood from Target's Threshold line.

This 8x10" Geometric Pineapple Print is available for purchase in my etsy shop.  It's just $5 and is a instant PDF download that can be printed on a home printer or at your favorite local print shop.

I feel a little guilty pushing my own things, but the truth is, it costs to run a blog.  And I do offer a lot of free printables here on Oleander and Palm.  So, if you like this print and you choose to purchase it, your support is greatly appreciated.


  1. And the 'mother in law' thinks its awesome! Anytime my mind is drawn towards 'Maui' and the good times our family has shared there.... its a good thing and I love pineapple...Thanks so much Jeran! Linda

    1. You are very welcome. It's a small token, but we really do appreciate all the great memories that have been made in Maui.

  2. so cute! i love the bright colors and fun shapes you used. and, you should definitely charge for your work...don't apologize!

    1. Thanks Emily. It's so much easier to do things for free and a lot less humbling to NOT ask for money. But, the truth is, I think all my hard work needs to have a little value, even if it's just $5. Thanks for your encouragement.


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