Let's have a Fox Themed Party

Olivia is going to be 2 at the end of this month. How did that happen?  I thought we just celebrated her 1st birthday? We celebrated her 1st birthday with a Scooter Themed party because she never crawled, she just scooted (this explains it better). This year I couldn't resist a Fox Themed party. First of all, they are such cute animals, and secondly they are everywhere right now, but also they suit her personality. Olivia is SUPER busy. She's always an the move and she's quick and clever like a fox. She's very curious and is pretty sly about it. She keeps me on my toes. But, I sure do love my little clever fox.

I gathered up the best of the best for a foxy party. I chose a peach and navy color palette. The fox wrapping paper was my inspiration for the party and the color palette came right from this gorgeous paper. As usual, I'm sharing is a great mix of DIY ideas, ready made finds, and handmade pieces. I'm loving the fox face star cookies, I think I'll be enlisting my mom's help in making those. And the fox dress up mask and mitts are going to make great props for a fun fox fotobooth (sorry couldn't help myself with that alliteration). Maybe I'll have the kiddos make their own fox crowns at the party for a little craft. 


  1. How DID that happen! GMA M

    1. So weird that she is going to be 2. No more babies. :(

  2. I LOVE this party theme! The colors are so pretty and foxes are beautiful animals. Can't wait to see the party! Also, I have to say, I just watched your video of Olivia scooting around and it cracked me up. My boyfriend's nephew did the exact same thing at that age, it was hilarious. Happy birthday, Olivia!


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